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Summary´╝ÜImpact crusher is a relatively common equipment in the crushing case. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of a variety of stone materials. Bluestone, do

Impact crusher is a relatively common equipment in the crushing case. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of a variety of stone materials. Bluestone, dolomite, weathered rock, etc. can be crushed with it. If it is a relatively large stone, it can be crushed with the jaw type. With machine matching, the whole production line is broken more efficiently, and the finished material tastes better.

There are more users with 8518 specifications, the models are moderate, which can meet the crushing needs of large and medium-sized production lines. On the basis of the structure of the fixed model, plus the mobile configuration, a movable impact crusher is formed, which is what we want for you. Introduction of the 8518 mobile impact crusher.

Mobile configuration +8518 impact crusher = mobile flow impact crusher production line

Without mentioning the mobile configuration, let's just talk about the 8518 impact crusher. It is the intermediate specification of the impact crusher. The single machine capacity is 80-180t / h, basically a production line of one or two hundred tons. It is enough to use it.

The impact crusher is an impact crusher, and the impact crusher has a very important advantage, that is, the material yield is very high, the output is uniform, there is not too much needle and sheet material, plus the same level Among the secondary crushing equipment, the price of the impact crusher is relatively more cost-effective, so it has always been a frequent visitor to the crushing site.

It is a model that is very popular among users. After the optimization of maneuvering, it can increase the advantages of transition. It can be said that it is a powerful addition to form a movable mobile impact crusher production line. The strong mobile configuration support is equivalent to the traditional impact type. With the "wings" plugged in, the crusher breaks through the limitations of the venue and it can serve more users.

Mobile impact crusher, small body and big energy


Among the users who have purchased machines that we have received, basically customers who have tried mobile series crushers, have not said that it is bad. The shortcomings of the environmental adaptability of the fixed production line are not a problem for the mobile impact crusher. Many troubles that cannot be solved by the fixed production line can be solved.

Strong environmental adaptability to ease the pressure on the surrounding environment

The mobile impact crusher is a foldable fuselage structure. The whole machine carries a whole configuration under production. In order to place them reasonably, choose the foldable structure, which can make full use of the fuselage space structure and reduce the space ratio. It can ensure that it can easily enter and exit various narrow environments, such as the front-line mine site, etc .

The stand-alone hydraulic outrigger can be used to stabilize the fuselage. The fixed production line needs to be fixed by piling equipment, so the requirements on the ground are relatively high, and the mobile impact crusher is not used. For example, the soft soil such as wetlands can also work normally.

Comes with a motor to ease the use of voltage

In the wild environment, sometimes power supply will be troublesome. Considering this problem, we chose to configure a diesel generator set on the body of the mobile impact crusher. The user can choose it as needed. When the power is convenient, you can directly connect to the city power. When the operation is inconvenient, the independent power generation of the generator set is selected to drive the equipment to operate, and the power restriction is liberated;

Walk freely, simplifying the tedious preparations for the transition

Once the production site changes, how to move the mobile impact crusher? You can rest assured that it does not need to be disassembled and the whole machine can be pulled away directly. According to your optional motorized configuration, if it is a tire type, you can use the semi-trailer to haul the transition, if it is a crawler type, the single machine can move by itself The transition can be controlled by the remote control system, which is very safe and simple.

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