Silica Sand Washing Plant

Silica Sand Washing Plant

Silica sand washing plant machine will clean the final products to be high quality ones. In iron ore mining site in India, the sand washing machine will enhance iron ore content to reach steel making industry requirements. LSX sand washing machine for sale has bigger capacity for silica sand washing plant.

Why Does Silica Need To Have The Washing Plant?

Silica sand is composed with the main silica pure materials and other undesired materials. In the mining production line, the silica sand stones will be processed into particles or even the powder size. Among these materials, there is desired silica material and other kinds of materials. It needs the washing plant to clean the undesired ones to get high grade silica products which will be used in the next line. It is very necessary and important for clients to have the washing machine in the mining line.

LSX Sand Washing Machine for Sale:

LSX sand washing machine for sale is designed and produced based on the traditional washing machines. This machine has bigger capacity and higher cleaning level rate. This machine combines three functions into one: washing, dewatering, classifying. It will save the manpower and working site space. Now it has become the main washing machine in the silica sand processing washing line.

Washing Machine Used In Iron Ore Sand Plant in India:

The LSX sand washing machine has four different models. This design is based on clients’ specific washing requirements. It has been used in India iron ore mining site to get high grade end iron ore products. The four LSX sand washing machines refer to LSX920, 2LSX920, LSX1120 and 2LSX1120.

They can wash the materials less than 10mm with the capacity 100-350tph. The LSX920 and LSX1120 have one screw and the other two models have two screws. To suit the needs of environment friendly, these LSX sand washing machines will take water consumption with 10-80tph, 20-160tph, 20-150tph and 40-300tph.

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