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Summary´╝ÜManhattan Mining EquipmentCopper Mining MachineryCopper ore is generally a collection of copper sulfides or oxides and other mineral composition, the reaction o

Manhattan Mining Equipment

Copper Mining Machinery

Copper ore is generally a collection of copper sulfides or oxides and other mineral composition, the reaction of the blue-green copper sulfate and sulfuric acid. Natural copper minerals have a variety of colors. Bright yellow chalcopyrite, bornite copper was dark red, violet oxidation becomes patchy; chalcocite, leaden; copper blue, indigo; tetrahedrite is steel gray; was bright blue azurite color. Copper minerals have been discovered 280 kinds, mainly only 16 species.

Copper Ore Manhattan Mining Equipment Technology

Generally use relatively simple process, after a period of grinding fineness -200 mesh about 50% to 70%, 1 roughing, 2 to 3 times selected, 1 or 2 times sweep the election. Disseminated copper minerals such as particle size relatively small, could be considered stage grinding and separation processes. Processing bornite concentrator, mostly coarse concentrate regrinding - selection stage grinding and separation processes, and its essence is mixed - flotation process. First by a period of rough grinding, roughing, scavenging, then the rougher concentrate regrinding and then get a high grade copper concentrate and a selection of sulfur concentrate. Coarse Ground degrees -200 mesh about 45% to 50%, -200 mesh and then pulverized about 90% to 95%.

Copper ore is widely used in electrical, mechanical, architectural, vehicle, ship industry and civil equipment. Copper ore processing and production processes include: crushing, grinding, beneficiation three processes. Crushing process, the three sections of closed-circuit crushing is suitable for most modern high hardness of copper ore crusher, ore crushing and partial to complete dissociation of the work, thereby enhancing subsequent grinding efficiency; grinding process, Sec grinding is a closed Efficient grinding process, can make copper mill more fully; beneficiation process, the more successful new technology emerged in recent years is mainly representative flotation process.

Copper Production Machinery

We produce a variety of crushers, mills are available as copper ore processing machinery used jaw crusher can be crushing copper ore crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher and so further processing can also be used its vertical impact crusher for further processing, the finished product made of small particles through the convenience of customers in copper production equipment for copper refining. Our company jaw crusher, cone crusher is praised by customers, at present, our company has equipment on the basis of the success of the successful development of large models, which can meet the domestic market demand for large production is indeed copper ore processing equipment to buy preferred time.

Copper Mining Equipment Manufacturers Manhattan

We have the largest output, maximum efficiency, the most widely used copper processing equipment, is a professional mining crushing machinery, sand, copper mining machinery, milling manufacturers. Production and sales of various models, a variety of processing equipment copper price. According to our customer's needs, in terms of your type of material, feed size, the particle size, size of the equipment, service life, daily output / annual production, the environment and other aspects, you need to configure the copper lines, copper crushing plant , copper mining machinery, copper milling equipment, copper sand making equipment.

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