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Summary´╝ÜWet Slime Vertical CrusherHow is the wet coal mud broken? It is not bad to use this 800 vertical crusher.Slime refers to the semi-solid matter formed by the pul

Wet Slime Vertical Crusher

How is the wet coal mud broken? It is not bad to use this 800 vertical crusher.

Slime refers to the semi-solid matter formed by the pulverized coal water. It is a product in the coal production process. Today, when coal resources are scarce, the application of slime is also put on the agenda. How to break the wet coal slurry? ?

Use non-sieving crusher to process wet slime

Because wet coal mud has strong water holding capacity, high water content, and high viscosity, not all crushing equipment can be used, so it is recommended that you consider using crushers without screen bottom equipment, such as: vertical Crusher, double crusher, etc. As for which one to choose, it is better to use the 800 vertical crusher. The specific reasons for the recommendation are as follows:

  1. 1. Vertical structure and small footprint;
  2. 2. The discharge granularity can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the production needs of different customers;
  3. 3, no sieve bottom design makes the crushing and discharging smooth, there is no blockage problem;
  4. 4, the use of elastic adjustment mechanism, when entering the unbreakable, can be automatically discharged, will not cause equipment damage;
  5. 5. The equipment runs smoothly and the noise pollution is low, which is in line with the environmental protection requirements advocated by the state.

vertical crusher product details show

  1. 1. Production value: 5-15 tons/hour for single machine; broken coal
  2. 2, motor power: 4p 30kw;
  3. 3. Applicable materials: crushing and processing of materials with large water content such as wet coal slurry, coal gangue and slag

If customers have higher output value requirements, vertical crushers are also available, and our homes are also available from stock.

A Review From The Customer

The equipment is good and bad, and the customer has the most say. The following will extract a piece of feedback from the customer. Generally speaking: "At the beginning, I was also a headache. I didn't know what to do. But after chatting with Zhang Gong, he helped me choose this vertical crusher. The whole machine cost little, but the effect is very good. There is no clogging at all, and the crushed slime is also good overall, thank you very much."

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