Which Sand Making Machine Produces Good Sand

Which Sand Making Machine Produces Good Sand

Using rock, ore and other stones mined in quarries and mining areas as raw materials, sand of uniform size produced by sand makers can be used in road construction, urban construction and other projects. Basically, sand projects are used in infrastructure projects There are some differences in the requirements for the content of the gravel sand and the particle size index for concrete composed of pebbles cement and other components. According to the difference in demand, sand making machines with different particle sizes appear on the market. How can we choose to produce good quality sand?

What is the difference between different models of sand making machine?

The operation principle of the sand making machine is the same, but the process of the stone passing through the sand making machine is divided into full, waterfall, and the amount of stone processed by the two is different. The former (full) stone is less than the latter; the same machine Medium, the material is determined by the degree of softness and hardness of the material. Generally, the particle size of the hard material is less than 5mm, so different types of machines will also have different feed sizes. The production capacity of sand is determined by many factors, but it cannot be separated from the spindle speed. The faster the spindle speed, the more power the motor needs. The power of the machine is compared and selected; different types of sand making machines can be intuitively distinguished from the shape and size.

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Second, how to produce good quality sand?

Before purchasing the sand making machine, the users of the sand factory hope to choose a sand making machine that can produce high quality finished products. When the user's needs match the equipment, it means that the correct sand making machine is selected. Only by ensuring that the feed and production are within the range of the equipment, can the fine sand of the finished product be produced.

There are three models of our sand making equipment (VSI6X, VSI5X, VSI) to choose from, which can bring a variety of experiences for users of sand and stone factories. All three types of sand making machines have durable parts and are easy to maintain. The advantages of fast adjustment methods highlight the reliable quality of the manufacturers' equipment. Users are welcome to consult for free online customer service.

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