The Second Crusher is Hammer Crusher or Impact Crusher2020-04-10

Summary´╝ÜAlthough hammer crusher and impact crusher are both machines for finely crushing soft materials, they are quite different. Then, is hammer crusher or impact cru

Although hammer crusher and impact crusher are both machines for finely crushing soft materials, they are quite different. Then, is hammer crusher or impact crusher used for second crusher? The following is mainly for novices in the aggregate industry.

Is the second crusher broken by hammer crusher or impact crusher? It is recommended to consider the following points:

1. Hardness of broken stone

The compressive strength of materials suitable for hammer crushers is within 200 MPa, such as gypsum, coal gangue, and limestone, while the compressive strength of materials suitable for impact crushing is within 350 MPa, such as gypsum, gangue, limestone, river Pebbles, sandstone, quartzite, etc .;

2. Granularity requirements of finished products

The impact crusher undergoes the process of 2-3 times of impact shaping, so the particle shape will be more rounded than hammer crushing, and can be directly used in infrastructure production;

3. Output size

The multiple impacts of the impact break seriously affect the output. Under normal circumstances, the output of the same type of impact crusher is only 1/3 of the output of the hammer crusher;

4. Wear of wearing parts

stone Crusher

The wearing parts of hammer crusher and counter-crusher are hammer heads. The counter-crusher uses a hammer. The wear often occurs on the side facing the material during the operation. When crushing limestone, the counter-crusher hammer is not seriously worn; and the hammer The hammer is used to break the hammer. The hammer head is overhanging during the operation, and the wear occurs on the upper, front, rear and side. Compared with the hammer, the hammer head wears more seriously. In addition, if the hammer breaks the bottom sieve plate, the wear is serious and the The grid should be replaced completely, and the work of replacing the sieve plate is relatively complicated.

5. Discharge adjustment

The hammer crusher can adjust the output particle size only by replacing the bottom sieve plate. The impact crushing can be adjusted by various methods, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the clearance between the impact plate and the hammer (top bolt adjustment device), etc.

In summary, does the second break use hammer crusher or impact break? It should be selected according to the actual production of the customer. If the material is hard, use impact to break it. If there are high requirements for the finished product, it should be selected.

SBM has accumulated a wealth of equipment production experience, which can be based on the needs of different customer groups and different scenarios, from the perspective of customer needs, through field surveys, etc., for customers to choose more suitable for their second-crusher equipment, in order to effectively improve customer investment profits Experience.

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