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How to distinguish between good and bad sand production lines

How to distinguish the quality of sand production by a manufacturer? This issue needs to be considered from a variety of aspects, and the horizontal and vertical comparisons should be made in combination with the actual scene. The key is to learn how to judge the quality of the product. Only by mastering the method can you choose the one that meets you faster and more accurately. The performance of the stone production line can be judged according to the product quality. There are two main product quality indicators: the ratio of needle-like particles and powder content.

Ratio of pin-like particles

According to experts, the national building materials standard has clear rules for sand and gravel. If the needle-like particles of sand and gravel exceed a certain range, they are not qualified. Today, the construction materials for high-speed railways, highways, and water conservancy projects are extremely strict. The reasonably designed sand and gravel production line can effectively avoid the increase of needle-like debris, and the machinery and production processes produced by large manufacturers can avoid the key factor of the increase of needle-like particles.

Sand Crusher

Powder content

National standards also have requirements for powder content. If the powder content is too large, it is also considered to be unqualified and cannot be used in large projects. Many large stone factories specialize in supplying stone for high-speed rail construction and high-speed construction. However, after the production line is put into operation, the output cannot meet the needs of the project construction. Such a production line is unqualified and very dangerous.

Therefore, the quality of a sand production line must depend on the quality of the finished product. Good finished products are sold well, and the benefits for users are more. Therefore, you must carefully inspect the equipment before buying the equipment. Also consider what kind of crusher to choose, how large the production scale is, the site design plan, etc., so you need to communicate with the manufacturer in detail. If everyone needs it, you can now consult online customer service for free.

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