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Summary´╝ÜSoapstone Processing EquipmentSoapstone is a hydrothermal alteration minerals. Magnesium -rich minerals by hydrothermal alteration often becomes soapstone , Soa

Soapstone is a hydrothermal alteration minerals. Magnesium -rich minerals by hydrothermal alteration often becomes soapstone , Soapstone so often called olivine, enstatite , hornblende, tremolite and other minerals illusion. Soapstone is a common silicate minerals, it is very soft and has a creamy texture. General was massive , leaf-shaped , fibrous or radial , the color is white, gray , and will contain other impurities due with a variety of colors . Hardness 1 , the proportion of 2.7 to 2.8 Soapstone has lubricity, anti-adhesion , flow aid , fire resistance, acid resistance , insulation resistance, high melting point, chemically inert , good hiding power , soft, shiny, strong adsorption of other excellent physical and chemical properties.

Soapstone processing equipment with reliable quality and excellent after-sales service occupation Tai Po and global markets, products soapstone processing equipment exported to Europe, North America , Central Asia, South Asia , Middle East, Africa, Australia , Pakistan and other regions. Finely ground soapstone flotation is an important job . Product size soapstone into :-74μm representing 98%,-44μm 98.5% , 99.5% and -44/μm are three and each contains a considerable amount of fine powder of 15 ~ 35μm .

Soapstone flotation good, simple process structure , usually after a second roughing, selection , and 3 to 4 times a second to sweep the election . Flotation in pH = 13 to neutral medium. Available collector short-chain cationic amines , petroleum sulfonates, sulfate esters of higher alcohols , non-polar hydrocarbon oil. Leaf-shaped soapstone just use frother . The fibrous soapstone amine collectors need to add to the flotation . When the ore containing iron oxide, Soapstone particles subject parcel , flotation is difficult. It is reported to increase the pH to 6 selective flotation . When the amount of sodium added flotation clay and iron oxide dispersion can improve the separation efficiency .

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