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Summary´╝ÜReduce the noise of Crusher MachineHow to reduce the shortcoming of the loud noise when the crusher crushes the stone? Crushers are machinery and equipment ofte

How to reduce the shortcoming of the loud noise when the crusher crushes the stone? Crushers are machinery and equipment often used in the fields of industry, mining, building materials, etc., but some crushers produce noise when crushing stones. Serious noise problems not only affect the overall production environment, but also the staff working in this environment. Will cause greater health threats, and there are some residents living around the stone plant, which will affect the quality of life of the surrounding people, so the noise control of the crusher is imperative, so how to reduce the noise when the crusher crushes the stone For this shortcoming, is there any noise-free crushing machine? This article will provide everyone with a satisfactory answer.

Causes of crusher noise

There are three major reasons for the noise generated by the crusher machine when crushing stones: the vibration of the machine itself, the noise generated when crushing the material, and the noise generated when the machine fails.

1.The machine itself vibrates

During the operation of the crusher equipment, the various components are connected to each other, such as the rotation of the belt conveyor, which is unavoidable. Therefore, during the processing of the equipment, improve the accuracy of machining and assembly to reduce mechanical vibration and friction.

Crusher Machine

2.When the crusher is running

The noise of the whole process of crushing stones can be summarized as:

  1. Blanking noise. The noise caused by the impact on the crusher shell when the stone falls is an unsteady pulse noise.
  2. Crush the noise. When the crusher is running, it squeezes and impacts the material, which causes the vibration and noise of the entire body, such as the crusher shell and the support device, which is a steady-state continuous noise.
  3. Discharge noise. The noise caused by the crushed material falling from the outlet of the crushing machine on the chute is an unsteady pulse noise. There is also the noise of the motor, but the former three dominate. The strongest noise comes from the inside of the crusher, and mainly radiates outward from the outlet in the form of air sound.

3. Noise from machine failure

Machine failure will cause additional noise. For example, the deviation of the belt will cause the sound of belt hitting. If there is a problem with the material discharge, excessive stone hits the noise generated by the crusher, and the foundation of the machine will cause resonance noise. Therefore, during the operation of the machine, the machine parts are inspected regularly, and problems are resolved in time because more noise is caused by machine failure.

How to reduce noise when crusher crushes stones

The basic control measures for the noise reduction of the crusher can mainly adopt the methods of reducing the noise of the crusher and establishing a soundproof enclosure or a soundproof room or a soundproof room. The noise control of the crusher can take the following measures:

  1. A silencing channel is installed at the discharge port to prevent internal noise from radiating outward;
  2. Install a material with high internal friction between the crusher and the support structure as a gasket to reduce the transmission of vibration;
  3. Install abrasion-resistant rubber as a liner at the impact of all damaged materials;
  4. Carefully balance the rotating parts of the crusher. For cone crushers, reduce the clearance between the cone sleeve and the eccentric shaft to reduce the vibration intensity;
  5. The transmission surface of the feeding plate and the feeding funnel and the housing of the frame are covered with damping material to reduce the radiation area of the noise;
  6. The crusher is installed on the anti-vibration base. After taking the above measures, the noise of the whole crusher can be reduced by about 15 ~ 25dB (A);
  7. using soundproof cover design;
  8. Establish a soundproof room. Establish a sound insulation operation room for the operator, or transform the local workshop where the crusher is located into a simple sound insulation room. The former is suitable for situations where the crusher plant is far from other plants, has little impact on other people around it, and is difficult to use to reduce the noise of the crusher.

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