Movable Jaw Structure Design Problems2019-07-25

Summary´╝ÜMovable Jaw Structure Design ProblemsImportance of Movable JawParameters and operating parameters of the structure of the jaw crusher have a great influence on

Importance of Movable Jaw

Parameters and operating parameters of the structure of the jaw crusher have a great influence on the performance of the crusher. Design crusher, not only to obtain reasonable assurance about its various parameters, but also to ensure the crusher reasonable structure. Such as the movable jaw, broken plate rack, this article introduces a design method of the movable jaw. The moving jaw is one of the important parts of the jaw crusher, but also a more complex structural components. The movable jaw in supporting tooth plate and directly involved in the parts of the broken material to withstand the powerful link of the thrust plate passed over the power and material crushing squeeze pressure, its structure should be durable.

Application and Design of Jaw crusher

The shape and size of jaw crusher movable jaw structure mainly depend on two factors, one movable jaw force suffered the movable jaw manufacturing process and appearance. The former is to ensure that the most fundamental basis of the movable jaw stiffness and strength, quality meet this requirement based on the moving jaw is as small as possible, especially the rotation center from the center of gravity as close as possible, but also consider the process and the appearance of and so on. Analysis shows that the structure of the movable jaw meets the dangerous strength and stiffness, should try to move the jaw each section stress value small. This cannot only extend the movable jaw life, but also reduce the weight of the moving jaw. Taking into account its structure has a certain degree of complexity.

Into account, the movable jaw with cast material. Moving jaw head with the loaded bearing parts of the transmission of power, may be appropriate in order to reduce the quality between the two bearing wall thinning. Movable jaw structure, their cross-section shape in the form of three types: the E-shaped cross-section, the anti-E-shaped cross-section and box section. The same cross-sectional size of the second increase in strength than the first form. Specific design, comprehensive consideration of various factors, selects the most suitable cross-sectional shape.

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