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Summary´╝ÜJaw Crusher Manufacturers In India The introduction of the PEW jaw crusher Brand new era crusher, pew sequence jaw crusher comes into the world with st

The introduction of the PEW jaw crusher

Brand new era crusher, pew sequence jaw crusher comes into the world with stone breaking significance. It's newly intended and enhanced through our specialists on foundation of the more than 20 years' crusher production and layout experience. The exclusive design notion would get this to collection crusher accomplish great blend concerning crushing performance and operating cost. In the meantime, it's a large assortment of software, specially is ideal for mashing hard rock, for instance basalt, water pebbles.


  1. Built around the high end jaw crusher;
  2. Excellent crushing capability and mobility;
  3. Efficient screen component available.

With its sturdy building, SBM mobile stone crusher plant may be the lightest crushing and screening grow in its class, weighing just 31 tonnes, which allows simple transportation. Also it is designed with the proven jaw crusher using its unique, bolted and pinned design that ensures an extended lifetime. The mobile crusher plant has an efficient, inclined screen, attached underneath the main conveyor. A very special feature of the screen is a chance to change the direction of rotator, which increases the productivity from the screening required by the software. Opening the screen for service or cleaning is simple and safe, thanks to the actual hydraulically operated system. When required, the screen can be disassembled in the crushing plant in minutes. Screen mesh sizes of 20-70 mm may be used. For crushing contractors, the jaw crusher plant is really a highly versatile unit. It may produce either fine end supplies and screen the coarse aside, or vice versa. Effective screening guarantees the cleanliness from the materials even in demanding reuse applications. A wide variety of choices including remote radio control and water spraying system can be found.

Common damage parts

My own in actual operation, such as stone material long-term ruthless impact, make the body parts vulnerable to wear and the most popular jaw crusher wearing parts tend to be: side guard plate and shifting jaw tooth plate, fixed mouth tooth plate, bracket, triangle. Whenever choosing wearing parts, often have to ask the body size, kind, material and parts.

The maintenance of the jaw crusher

Close the jaw broken machine regularly, checking machine. Any stone crushing equipment during the time of the switch machine, should focus on the regular jaw broken device, check the abrasion of the within the machine, such as centre to the upper and lower feed pipe, cone hat, impeller flow funnel lining board, circular plate, the wear-resisting degree of deterioration, timely replacement of wear more severe parts, to repair these components. Replacement parts at the exact same time, pay attention to the weight from the models and sizes, etc., must based on the parameters change original parts.

The actual jaw broken belt regularly examine. Jaw broken belt is indispensable within the stone production line, the machine drive is related to the conveyor belt. Regularly adjust tightness from the conveyor belt, to guarantee the equipment to receive strength evenly within conveyor belt. Double motor generate, on both sides of the triangle tape ought to be grouped selection, make its every length as consistent as you possibly can. If discover belt to wear an excessive amount of, please change in time.

The actual lubrication of mechanical parts. Mouth crusher with mobile automotive high quality or 3 lithium base oil, grease work 400 hours per adding suitable quantity of grease; Work 2000 hours, open up the spindle assembly bearing with regard to cleaning; Generally work 7200 hours to change new bearing. In addition to ensure the normal work of the actual jaw crusher, in addition towards the correct operating jaw broken, planned maintenance should be conducted, including minor repairs, restore and overhaul maintenance inspection.

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