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How is the performance of the impact crusher

How about the performance of SBM impact crusher? Learn about its advantages in one article for you to buy! Impact crusher is usually used in rock and mine crushing processing production line. It not only has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, but also has the advantage of less energy consumption per unit compared with other types of crushers. "Iron strike" model is well recognized by users. In order to help users achieve the ideal goal and pursuit of high yield and low cost, up to now, SBM impact crusher has developed and produced three series, namely PF series impact crusher and PFW series European version impact crusher and CI5X series. Impact Crusher. Below we specifically explain the performance advantages of the following three to help you choose a reasonable impact crusher.

Performance advantages of impact crusher

Impact Crusher

The working principles of the three series of SBM impact crushers are the same. In the working process, all three use impact energy to crush and process the materials. After applying pressure to the materials through a plate hammer, the impact liners attack the materials. Crushing and reprocessing are repeated. The above steps are repeated repeatedly until the particle size of the material reaches the specified requirements for the finished product, and it can be discharged. As the hammer is damaged during operation and the friction is large, the material of the hammer of the SBM impact crusher has high wear resistance. Under the same operating environment, the use time of the hammer is prolonged, and the replacement and damage are reduced. The frequency of the pieces. In addition, the clearance between the rotor and the frame in the three series of impact crushers can be adjusted within the rated range, and the user can adjust the particle size and specifications of the finished product.

In continuous R & D and improvement, PF series, PFW series, and CI5X series impact crushers can meet different crushing line scales. Taking the hourly output as an example, the output of the PF series reaches 220 tons per hour and the output of the PFW series reaches 400 tons. The output of CI5X series can reach 2200 tons.

The above briefly introduces the performance advantages of the SBM impact crusher. In addition to the different production times of the three series, the inlet size, electrical power and rotor specifications of the three series are all different. Users can reasonably meet the actual production requirements and investment budget. Just choose, don't buy mining equipment blindly.

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