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Summary´╝ÜImpact Crusher AgingHow to solve the aging phenomenon of the impact crusherThe aging phenomenon of the impact crusher in production is difficult to avoid. When

How to solve the aging phenomenon of the impact crusher

The aging phenomenon of the impact crusher in production is difficult to avoid. When this phenomenon occurs, it can be repaired or replaced, but if it can prevent this from happening better, let's introduce the aging phenomenon of the impact crusher. How to solve and how to maintain.

The impact crusher makes the crushing process more refined and helps to improve the quality of the finished product. The material processed by the equipment has a very uniform product rationality and generally presents a cubic shape, which can be well applied, but for a long time, The aging phenomenon of the machine, the aging including the aging of the impact crusher shell, and the aging of the internal parts, here are the measures we should take to address these aging phenomena, can not prevent this phenomenon.

First of all, when the machine is aging, it will affect the production efficiency. It should be repaired in time for the aging phenomenon, but when the aging is serious, it can only be replaced, so that the production efficiency can not be reduced.

Secondly, to introduce how to prevent the occurrence of aging phenomenon, when the impact crusher is used, pay attention to routine maintenance, regular inspection, if problems are found to be repaired in time to prevent serious problems, let's introduce the maintenance cycle.

The first point, minor repair, this mainly refers to the impact crusher, so that every hour to check the oil pump, oil filter, lubrication pipeline, etc., pay attention to whether the fasteners are loose, look at the wear and tear of each accessory And timely maintenance.

The second point, Moderate repair, is mainly to say that when the impact crushing equipment is produced, the various parts are cleaned and adjusted to a large extent, the worn parts are replaced, and then the inlet and outlet pipe bushings and the feeding pipe are mainly checked. And the working condition of the large and small gears, if the problem is to be maintained in time, the cycle is generally about 6 months.

The third point, overhaul, overhaul is to include all the contents of the small and medium-sized repairs, but also to focus on repairing various accessories, the cycle is generally 3-5 years.

The above is the maintenance required for the aging of the impact crusher components. In addition, for the aging of the outer casing, it is necessary to regularly check whether the paint on the exterior is detached during daily use, and then pay attention to rain and corrosion. Apply the paint and place it away from direct sunlight, which will extend the life of the case.

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