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How much is the construction waste processing equipment production line?

The construction waste processing equipment production line generally uses mobile crushing production lines. The main equipment used is mobile crushing stations. Mobile jaw crushing stations and mobile counterattack crushing stations are commonly used. Its price is much more expensive than fixed production lines. The characteristics of construction waste, the use of mobile crushing station is the most suitable.

Why choose expensive construction waste disposal equipment?

Generally, construction waste is relatively scattered. In a city, there will be multiple locations for demolition, reconstruction, etc. If construction waste is to be concentrated together, it will cause secondary pollution, so it will not be transported to one place in general, but It can be directly crushed and processed into aggregates on site. It is highly efficient to use mobile construction waste treatment equipment. The equipment can be driven to the construction waste plant at any time without piling, infrastructure, installation, etc. It is readily available and can be withdrawn after processing this place. Go down, so although it's a bit more expensive, construction waste plants generally use this equipment.

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The price of the production line varies with the scale of the construction waste treatment plant

Due to the different scales of different construction waste treatment plants, different types of equipment are required, and the construction costs of different types of construction waste treatment equipment are different.

Let's start with the main crusher. The size of the main crusher on the mobile crushing station will be different, so the production materials, working hours and manpower will be different, and the price will be different.

In addition, the cost of the mobile crushing station rack also has a large proportion in the entire crushing station. Generally, the small size is about 12-13 meters, and the large size is about 17-18 meters.

In addition, some construction waste processing equipment production lines use two sets of equipment. It is sufficient to load the screening machine and the crushing equipment together in a mobile crushing station, but some large processing plants will separate the screening machine with a mobile crushing rack. , That is to use three mobile crushing stations, so the price will vary greatly.

To sum up, the construction waste processing equipment production line uses mobile crushing production lines, which are expensive. Due to the differences in the types of equipment and the number of mobile crushing stations used by different construction waste processing plants, it is uncertain how much the construction waste processing equipment production line will cost If you want to know the exact price, you can consult SBM who specializes in manufacturing construction waste treatment equipment for free.

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