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Summary´╝ÜConstruction Waste MachinesDisposal of construction waste machinesThere is only a "reuse" distance between "construction waste" and "resources". Is there a mach

Disposal of construction waste machines

There is only a "reuse" distance between "construction waste" and "resources". Is there a machine for processing construction waste? Is there a large profit margin for the recycling of construction waste? Here is your detailed answer.

The construction waste machine is mainly to crush a large number of abandoned concrete blocks, so that the broken concrete blocks can meet the requirements of recycled aggregate.

In this process, firstly remove the fine particles and impurities in the concrete block, such as scrap metal, waste plastic, wood, etc. These wastes can be collected for recycling. The remaining large concrete, bricks, etc. can be processed into various recycled building aggregates, recycled bricks, recycled concrete, etc.

To achieve the above functions, first of all, suitable crushing equipment should be selected to crush the construction waste. Secondly, considering that the crushed waste construction waste may not meet the treatment requirements in terms of volume size and uniformity, it is necessary to conduct a secondary screening of these construction waste. In this way, those construction waste that exceeds the standard can be collected, re-crushed, and its recycling value increased.

construction waste machines

Mobile construction waste disposal equipment

This is one of the more effective methods for the disposal of urban construction waste. The entire equipment integrates intelligence, environmental protection and efficiency into one, which can realize free transition, folding, and flipping operations. It is suitable for dispersive construction waste. Materials, and the equipment can not only be used to crush construction waste, but also to crush other sand and gravel raw materials. One device fulfills a variety of production requirements. It is both a construction waste crusher and a crushing sand Stone materials are broken, and investment prospects are very good.

Stationary construction waste machines

Unlike mobile construction waste equipment, it should be regarded as a complete production line equipment, including feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other equipment. Although it involves a little more steps, the cooperation between various equipment is relatively close, almost Both can reach the ideal working state, there is no phenomenon of redundancy and waste, and the efficiency is very high. The disadvantage is that it cannot be transferred freely like mobile construction waste disposal equipment.

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