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Summary´╝ÜCompared with the traditional crusher machine, the automatic stone crusher plant can work without manpower (besides the boot downtime, maintenance). It can prot

Compared with the traditional crusher machine, the automatic stone crusher plant can work without manpower (besides the boot downtime, maintenance). It can protect the working machine with the hydraulic protection system. SBM has produced the HPC cone crusher and HCS cone crusher machine for automatic stone crushing line.

Automatic Stone Crusher Plant Design:

The automatic stone crusher plant machine is designed with the hydraulic protection system and other automatic working system. This kind of crusher machine is designed with frame, eccentric sleeve, transmission shaft and cone, cone, feeding port, such as hydraulic system parts. It can produce less needle flake material content. It can break materials with high crushing performance, strong processing capacity, uniform discharging size and good finished product shape. With the hydraulic system, its crushing cavity is strong adaptability. It works with low running costs and easy maintenance.

HPC Cone Crusher and HCS Cone Crusher for Sale:

As a professional crusher machine manufacturer, SBM has produced two kinds of crusher machines to meet clients’ automatic crushing requirements: HPC series cone crusher machine and the HCS series cone crusher machine. The HPC cone crusher machine has excellent crushing efficiency and good hydraulic control system. With two models, this kind of automatic crusher machine can be used in different mineral ore processing line with less consumption of wear parts and low operating costs.

The other automation crusher machine from SBM is the HCS cone crusher machine. Not like HPC cone crusher, it has several different kinds. It is developed by SBM’s engineers for over 20 years; effort and it has special bearing design for much more carrying capacity and longer life. The enhanced body design makes this automation crusher machine is quite reliability. It is easy to adjust the discharging opening and to maintain by using optimized hydraulic lubrication station.

Customer Benefits Compared With Traditional Crusher:

In the actual production line of automation crusher machine, this new type crusher has the following customer benefits than the traditional crusher:

  1. Its hydraulic insurance system will reduce the incidence;
  2. It can automatically adjust the discharging size and it is convenient to operate;
  3. The advanced hydraulic system can guarantee the continuous working without downtime;
  4. The crushing wall and rolling mortar wall are made with wear-resistant materials and it will effectively reduce the wear of the machine and its service life is enhanced 35-82% than the traditional crusher machines.

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