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Summary´╝ÜColumbite Ore Mining EquipmentTantalum and niobium ore refers collectively to contain tantalum and niobium minerals, can be used for ore mining, mainly by tanta

Columbite Ore Mining Equipment

Tantalum and niobium ore refers collectively to contain tantalum and niobium minerals, can be used for ore mining, mainly by tantalite, columbite and pyrochlore. Tantalum and niobium has a high melting point, good plasticity, low vapor pressure, good thermal conductivity properties, high chemical stability, high dielectric constant metal oxide film on the surface of niobium thermal neutron capture cross-section of small, strong acids and liquid metal corrosion, has superconducting properties and a series of characteristics. China is the world's niobium, tantalum and other rare mineral resources, the richest countries.

Niobium rich mineral resources within the territory of China. Reserves is relatively large, but columbite ore mining equipment and processing technology to be improved. Needs further strengthening. Tantalum and niobium as an important rare metal mineral resources are widely applied to electronic Precision Ceramics and Precision glass industry, electro-acoustic optical devices, hard alloy aerospace and electronic energy industry, biomedical engineering, superconducting industry, special steel and other industries. niobium mine primary ore more use of multi-stage grinding, multi-segment re-election.

Usually in the grinding circuit has been set up columbite ore mining equipment, to early recovery monomer minerals. Because tantalum and niobium ore minerals monomer dissociation is better, generally does not require crushing and grinding, first screened prior to enrollment, to remove stone and gravel, then jigger roughing. Coarse-grained tantalite - columbite use jigger or spiral concentrator roughing, roughing concentrate made from selected shaker; fine-grained tantalite - columbite spiral chute or shaker roughing, roughing Concentrate use Featured shaker; tantalum and niobium sludge using centrifugal concentrators or multi-turn bed rougher, rougher concentrate using a belt strap chute chute or cross-flow combine Featured slime shaker. This process is characterized by less investment, start fast, low cost, low environmental pollution, but lower for slime sorting efficiency.

These industries tantalum niobium quality and purity requirements are very high. In general. The elements tantalum and niobium ore containing more complex. In addition to tantalum and niobium elements. There are iron. Manganese titanium mica and other minerals associated. Because The magnetic material is weak. Therefore the need for removing the use of magnetic separation equipment. will be one of tantalum and niobium sorting out. Columbite ore mining equipment roughing general re-election method, the selection is re-election, flotation, magnetic-election or smelt joint processes, process iron ore fines or native mud content and ore washing operation is essential, while using Efficient grinding and classification equipment to reduce mud of tantalum and niobium minerals.

Our company produces columbite ore mining equipment is a wet magnetic separation equipment. Magnetic roller design using the latest domestic design. After numerous experiments constantly improve and perfect the company attaches particular importance to the magnetic system design, because the effect of a beneficiation equipment The quality of the most important is that the gradient of the magnetic field strength and build. And Depending on the level of the vast extent of the same one columbite ore mining equipment price on how much the magnetic blocks. Therefore, a reasonable arrangement and structural design of the magnetic system can largely cost savings. and ensures the purification of tantalum and niobium ore sorting required magnetic force. Companies depending on the product quality of life. are using high-performance materials in tantalum and niobium ore dressing equipment on all of the material selection. maximum ensure the life of the equipment. So that our customers buy the rest assured. with the comfort.

Columbite ore mining equipment production line process is as follows: first by mining ore jaw crusher preliminary broken, broken to a suitable size when via hoist to the mining machine evenly into the ball mill, the mill ore crushing, grinding, polishing After re-entering grade ore fines. Spiral classifier ore mixture was then washed, graded. Then through magnetic separator by magnetic and mechanical force will mix magnetic material separated. After initial separation of mineral particles separator is fed again after the flotation machine, adding different drugs depending on the mineral characteristics such minerals and other substances to be separated from.

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