MB5X Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill

Product Features: Ultrafine powder, wide applications, excellent environmental effect

  • Input Size: 0-55mm
  • Capacity: 2.7-83TPH
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

It represents today's advanced hanging roller grinding processing technology, new structural design technology application makes the equipment operation and maintenance costs are lower, better environmental performance, better quality, is a better choice for upgrading. MB5X pendulum roller grinding mill is the company has developed many inventions technology the fifth generation of pendulum suspended roller of high pressure mill, its fuselage has a lot of advanced technology and design, such as its use thin oil lubrication, the technology is oil bath lubrication, no need frequent refueling, more convenient than the grease lubrication, and lower maintenance costs, in addition the high pressure pulverizer adopts special dedicated fan, reliable performance, lower energy consumption and ensure the stable operation of the system needed for wind.

It represents today's advanced roller milling technology, suitable for a variety of mohs hardness 7 below, moisture content of 6% below the brittle ore is not flammable.

working principle

After the hammer crusher (or jaw crusher) crushes a large volume of material into a small volume of material, the material is sent to the hopper by a hoist. Then, the crushed material is uniformly and quantitatively sent to the MB5X pendulum roller grinding mill grinding chamber by an electromagnetic vibration feeder. After crushing, the material is blown away by air flow and enters the classifier for classification. Under the action of the impeller of the powder separator, the materials that do not meet the requirements of fineness are sent back to the grinding room for secondary grinding. The qualified powder is collected by the cyclone powder collector and discharged from the bottom as the finished product. After that, the airflow enters the fan through the return air duct on top of the cyclone current collector. The system uses a closed circuit and operates under positive and negative pressure.

  • Low maintenance cost for thin oil lubrication mill

    The roll grinding device of MB5X pendulum-type roller mill is lubricated with thin oil. This technology is the first of its kind in China. It is maintenance-free and easy to operate. Thin oil lubrication for oil bath lubrication, no frequent refueling, more convenient than grease lubrication, and lower maintenance costs.

  • Elastic damping structure makes the equipment more stable

    The elastic shock absorbing structure of the volute effectively blocks the vibration damage of the main engine. The special elastic structure between the volute and the frame is adopted, which, combined with the setting of rubber shock absorber, can improve the operation stability of the powder separator and eliminate the problem of vibration and cracking of the machine.

  • New type powder separator, lower power consumption of the system

    The powder separator of MB5X pendulum roller grinding mill adopts low-resistance hanging cage type powder separator, which has narrow particle size range, high separation efficiency and low system energy consumption. Under the same material and fineness conditions, the power consumption is lower and the efficiency is higher than that of blade type powder separator.

  • Eliminate the structure of shovel barrel and improve the grinding efficiency

    No shovel barrel structure with large diameter grinding roller design, grinding efficiency is higher. There is no shovel barrel structure in the grinding chamber, the ventilation area of the grinding chamber is larger and the resistance of the wind is smaller. With the super pressure of the large diameter grinding roller, the grinding efficiency is directly improved.

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