LM Vertical Grinding Mill

Product Features: Integration of multiple functions, more stable and reliable production and more excellent capacity

  • Input Size: 0-70mm
  • Capacity: 3-340TPH
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

The LM Vertical Grinding Mill is crushing, drying, grinding, grinding powder grading transmission in the integration of production equipment, not only in the process of production of high production efficiency, equipment and consumption is small, can say that the device is efficient low consumption of high pressure mill, in addition, the material stay in the grinding time is short, can reduce the repeated grinding, make product quality more stable.

Vertical mill is according to the principle of bed crushing, through the relative motion of the roller and the mill will be material crushing, and drying by the hot air will fine grinding material, bring up, by classifying device in the grinding classification choose powder, coarse powder into a millstone to shattered; Products using the air out of grinding collected by bag deduster. SBM LM vertical grinding mill is on the basis of the widely used at home and abroad advanced technology, combined with years of experience in all kinds of mill production, design and development of advanced milling equipment.


Production Advantages:


SBM, one of the professional and famous grinding mill manufacturer and supplier from China, has produced the international advanced LM vertical grinding mills to process iron ore, quartz, slag and other materials. If you want to get more information, you can click the "LIVE CHAT" window or you can leave us message on the following inquiry table.

  • Low construction and investment costs.

    LM vertical grinding mill set fine, drying, grinding, powder, powder selection, transport as one, do not need to set other drying, powder selection, lifting equipment, dust gas can be directly by high concentration bag dust collector or electric dust collector collection, compact layout, can be arranged in the open air. The building area is about 70% of the ball grinding system, and the building space is about 50-60% of the ball grinding system. Therefore, the vertical mill process is simple, covers an area and occupies a small space, so that the construction cost is low.

  • Product quality is stable, granule is evenly distributed.

    The material stays in the vertical mill for only 2 ~ 3 minutes, while in the ball mill for 15 ~ 20 minutes. Therefore, the chemical composition and fineness of vertical mill products can be quickly determined and calibrated, and the quality is stable.

  • Equipment environmental protection, low noise, less dust, clean operating environment.

    Vertical mill in the work of the grinding roller and grinding disc is not directly contact, there is no ball mill in the steel ball collision, steel ball impact metal impact of the lining plate, so the noise is small, than ball mill lower 20 ~ 25 decibels. In addition, the vertical mill USES the full sealing system, the system operates under the negative pressure, does not have the dust, the environment is clean.

  • Equipment drying capacity, grinding materials widely.

    The vertical mill adopts hot air to transport the material, and the air inlet temperature can be controlled when the material with large moisture is ground, so that the product can reach the required good final moisture. In the vertical mill can be dried into the grinding water up to 15% of the material, a wide range of applications. Even the drying ball mill can only dry materials with moisture of 3-4%.

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